Lease your rooftop for solar panels

Solar panels on a warehouse roof
© Low Carbon Hub

Could your business be saving money on energy bills and cutting carbon emissions? Work with Low Carbon Hub to install a rooftop solar PV array and turn your roof into a clean energy power station.

They can help determine if your rooftop is suitable for a solar PV array and calculate the potential CO2 and electricity savings for your business. They will arrange surveys and applications for grid connections and planning and draw up a legal agreement through which you lease them your roof space.

This is done at no cost to your business, as they raise the capital to pay for the kit and installation through community share offers.

Low Carbon Hub develops the project and maintains the array throughout its lifetime. They sell the solar electricity to you, the host business, and sell any surplus clean energy the panels generate to the local grid, and all the profits go to funding further action on climate change.

Togetherwe canmake a difference