Walk whenever you can

 People walking

Not walk everywhere, the world just isn't built like that today - but walk wherever you can. Making the effort to walk even a small part of your journey makes a difference.  Could you get off your bus a stop early? Or park a little further away than usual? By walking, you gain other benefits, such as feeling better physically and mentally. Here are a few other unexpected ways walking works:

It creates happier surroundings

With more people visibly wandering the streets, the area appears safer. It motivates people to follow similarly and helps people to move out of their comfort zone. It has also been associated with reducing feelings of anxiety in urban areas. People have been reported to feel safer in environments where a reduction in loud, heavy and irresponsible traffic is present.

It's a more resourceful use of space

The same area of a car can hold around 20 people who are walking, which leads to less congestion, and of course no need for parking spaces!

There are zero transport costs

The great thing about walking a daily commute is that it’s free! Owning a car can be financially demanding. Not only do you have to pay for maintenance, insurance, and tax, but you also have to ensure it stays running throughout the week on fuel. By reducing the shorter journeys completed by a vehicle, you will use less fuel and save more money.

Climate impactVehicle emissions are the largest cause of carbon emissions in Oxfordshire - almost 36% of it, so cutting down on them is a huge help to the environment. Taking five trips of around 2 km a week on foot instead of a car can decrease your emissions by 86kg a year!

Togetherwe canmake a difference